Most online transactions are secure. But has your computer been compromised? Find out before you order.
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Google is the king of search engines. But what about multiple engine searches using google, yahoo, and others at the same time?
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Internet delivered ads are becomming increasingly hostile. Fight back your privacy with a free product from Lavasoft.
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From simple installations to complex problems, Digitech provides competent, cost effective solutions. Contact us today for answers to computer challenges that others were unable to resolve.

Need information only? We provide friendly consulting services to get your home and small business network working again, or even advice on buying a new PC. Digitech uses current information to consult our clients on purchasing technology that works for them, resulting in immediate productivity. Just one less thing to worry about!

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Digitech Onsite Computer Services
32915 Boothby Ave Mission, British Columbia
Canada V2V 7R3



Telephone: 1-604-826-5508 :: 1-604-202-5290
Hours of operation: 8AM to 8PM :: Mon to Sun, PST
Owned and operated by Damon R Eide


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Small issues with computers come up from time to time. Information needed can be difficult to find in the vastness of the internet.
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